News and events on the TU/e Campus for March 2020
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This newsletter is intended for the tenants and relations of Twice and Kadans Science Partner. Together we aim to stimulate the TU/e Campus community. This newsletter will keep you informed on news and events on the TU/e Campus. Do you have news yourself? Let us know at
Events March 2020
4 March - Drinks, Pitches & Demos

Drinks, Pitches & Demos is a meeting for starters, innovators, newcomers in the region and inspiring professionals. It is the perfect platform for sharing knowledge, to stay up to date with groundbreaking technologies, to ask for help and to meet people in our innovation ecosystem! It is also a great event if you are new to Eindhoven and would like to make connections. Come and join us on:
March 4, from 17:00 at Twice, Building Mu,
High Tech Campus 10, Eindhoven

5 March - Football Tournament UniPartners

In March there will be a challenging table football tournament where you can win a cool prize in a team of two! Kadans tenants are invited too! The matches are played over 3 weeks around lunch time, followed by quarter-finals (March 31), semi-finals, and a final, followed by drinks. March 5 is the kick-off drink where you can register as a team and get to know your opponents both at the table football and next to it. The prize is a cup, medals and PSV tickets!

Interested? Send an email:

10 March - Career Expo

The Career Expo is a two-day event during which 180+ companies present themselves and want to get acquainted with you. On top of that there are extra activities like speed dates with companies, resume checks, a LinkedIn photographer and more. This unique event is specially tailored for all TU/e students. If you are a non-TU/e student it is possible to join most of the program as well. Entrance is free and registration for the general program is not mandatory.

10-11-12 March - Health Valley Event

Health Valley Event 2020 will be bigger than ever and the first edition with an international programme! Experience the latest trends and developments in Life Sciences & Health on 10, 11 and 12 March 2020 in Nijmegen. Kadans Science Partner will organize a session during the programme on Wednesday. Come visit us!

Kadans Session on March 11 - 11.45-12.30
Innovation ecosystem: how this makes you more successful.

31 March - Quarter-finals football tournament UniPartners
1 April - Tech & Law Consultation Hour

No company involved in technology can do without legal expertise. Do you have legal questions, for example about the establishment of your company, the company structure, setting up general terms and conditions, drawing up confidentiality or cooperation agreements, or intellectual property law (IP)? On 1 April from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. you are welcome in the Twinning building at the Tech & Law Consultation Hour, which is organized together with the Law & More staff.
Eindhoven Engine OpenCall2020

Eindhoven Engine has opened its call for project proposals for 2020! Eindhoven Engine invites industry and academia and other knowledge institutes to submit project proposals for the OpenCall 2020. The project should contribute to solving societal challenges in the fields of high tech systems, health, energy, mobility, agri-food and/or safety.

Hable receives award for smartphone keyboard for the blind

Freek van Welsenis and his company Hable have won the Dutch final of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2020 (GSEA). With Hable, an Eindhoven-based startup of TU/e students focused on accessibility for smartphone keyboards, Freek offers an innovative solution for using a smartphone for the blind. Freek: "With the GSEA prize, we are taking our first steps towards the internationalization of our company in America this spring."

Apply for Innovation Credit 2020

The Innovation Credit 2020 of the RVO  (Netherlands Enterprise Agency)  has been launched. Since February, it is possible to submit an application. The budget for 2020 is € 60 million: €30 million for technical development projects and €30 million for clinical development projects. 

All companies, both start-ups and established companies (large or small), can benefit from the Innovation Credit. The size of the organization determines the percentage of credit that may be granted. The maximum credit for clinical development projects as of 7 February 2020 is € 5 million. For technical development projects, the maximum credit is € 10 million. 

Robot heart TU/e on shortlist Big Beat Challenge

TU/e professors Carlijn Bouten and Frans van de Vosse are shortlisted to receive a €35 million award for two research projects on cardiovascular diseases. The award is the end-result of the Big Beat Challenge, a global competition from the British Heart Foundation. Together with researchers from other universities, Bouten and van de Vosse will work on the development of a soft robotic heart and a wearable technology to monitor heart function, respectively. Both teams will now start work on full applications, with a winner expected to be announced at the end of 2020.

New organization
Zuidelijke Rekenkamer

New company in Kennispoort! Zuidelijke  Rekenkamer  is a knowledge institution set up by the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg.  Zuidelijke Rekenkamer  has the statutory task of monitoring the policy and expenditure of the two provinces and conducts research for this purpose. Examples of recent research include the investments made by the province of North-Brabant in the Eindhoven regional deal and photonics and the management of a paper factory in the province of Limburg. Broad themes on which we conduct research are infrastructure, mobility, economic development and physical living environment (quality of soil, air, water).

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