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This newsletter is intended for the tenants and relations of Twice and Kadans Science Partner. Together we aim to stimulate the TU/e Campus community. This newsletter will keep you informed on news and events on the TU/e Campus. Do you have news yourself? Let us know at
Register your innovation for the Chamber of Commerce Innovation Top 100 of 2020

The KVK Innovation Top 100 is a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your innovation and company. There is no (money) award attached to it. The strength is to show what SMEs are capable of. Has your company already successfully marketed an innovative product or service? Then participating is a unique opportunity for you. Click here for participation:

GoodHabitz opens up learning platform for 1 month

We would like to share this great initiative with you: PSV partner GoodHabitz will make its 140 online training courses available free of charge throughout the month of April. With their broad package of training courses, the online trainers offer a solution for people who, as a result of the Corona crisis, are out of work or have less work than usual at home. What can you find there? Training courses on language, teamwork, leadership and digital skills. The offer is available for individuals and for companies. We are very enthusiastic! Sign up for free here:

Working safely from home

Many of you now work from home, supported by digital tools. Unfortunately, in these times there are also online hackers; things like phishing, sending fake emails, are very common right now. To inform you about the possible risks and how to prevent them, BeOne Infosequre offers an informative security video and free online training 'Working from home safely in times of Corona'. Share it with your colleagues and customers. This way, we all ensure safe working.

Good results for TU/e on QS World University Rankings by subject

TU/e has good positions in the World University Ranking by Subject of QS. In the broad subject area Engineering & Technology, TU/e is ranked 68th worldwide, compared to 89th last year. In four of the specific subjects QS places TU/e in the top 50.

First open call opened agROBOfood

The first Open Call for Innovation Experiments is now open. Through this call € 2.65 million will be distributed to finance additional innovation experiments.

Matchmaking COVID-19 initiatives

Are you challenging COVID-19 with research or other initiatives? Could you use help from other organizations? Or do you have resources available to support initiatives of others, such as lab space or equipment? Let us know! Kadans and Clustermarket are joining forces to match organizations that could help each other challenge COVID-19. Send an e-mail to with your question or offer and we will get in touch with you soon!

Blue Plasma is looking for a partner in COVID-19 research

Blue Plasma is looking for a partner for sterilization testing. In collaboration with an established partner company in Germany Blue Plasma can provide a sterilization unit based on plasma technology. This system would possibly be attractive for sterilization in a medical environment, and together we are now looking for a lab facility/partner that we can work with to obtain proof data for the virological effectiveness of the unit. Testing so far has shown that the approach is effective against bacteria. We are confident that it will also work against viruses – including corona viruses and SARS-2.  

Funding possibilities for R&D

Ttopstart has compiled a guide to fund possibilities for biotech and medtech companies in times of Corona crisis. The Corona outbreak is a healthcare, societal and economic crisis with two faces for medtech and biotech: They expect to come with solutions at unprecedented rates while ongoing developments hit us hard. Review the funding possibilities for both Corona R&D as well as non-corona R&D and support measures.

EU funding available

The European Commission is calling for start-ups and SMEs to apply for funding for innovative solutions to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. The funding from the European Innovation Council is provided for entrepreneurs with technologies and innovations that could help in treating, testing, monitoring or other aspects of the coronivirus outbreak.

TU/e against COVID-19

Eindhoven University of Technology, known for its proven trackrecord on cooperation with the medical world and industry, rises to the challenge. The university has set up a platform where supply and demand, problem owners and solution providers, are brokered. The key resource is the creativity, brainpower and energy of their students and student teams: TU/e against COVID-19.

Online Events April 2020
April 8 - Time Management for homeworkers (free webinar)

Register now to view the webinar. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail.

April 9 - Effective Virtual Meetings (free webinar)

How does a virtual meeting become effective? How do you make sure everyone provides the right input? And how do you protect yourself and your colleagues from common pitfalls? This webinar helps you to have an effective conversation.

April 15 - Grip on your cash flow during the COVID-19 crisis (free webinar)

This free webinar gives you 30 minutes of insight into the five most important measures you can take to secure your company's cash position. There are 90 places available, so be quick.

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