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This newsletter will keep you informed on news and events of the innovative community on the TU/e Campus. Do you have news yourself? Let us know at marketing@kadans.com.
Retinal surgeons achieve greater precision with robot

The KVK (Chamber of Commerce) presents the KVK Innovation Top 100 2020. Preceyes, based in Meulensteen House of Robotics, is one of the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands. On Thursday 26 November 2020 KVK announced the names of the entrepreneurs who have won a place in the 15th edition of the KVK Innovation Top 100.

Innovation Ecosystems - optimizing success

At Kadans we optimize the success of tenants through the creation of an environment that fulfills their core needs.
How does that work? Watch our newest video to find out!

Students helping SMEs innovate: innovation traineeship

Universities of applied sciences and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will work together to increase the innovative capacity of SMEs. This will be done through the innovation traineeship that was recently officially launched. After an internship as a researcher, students will also get an employment contract as a researcher in a company. Throughout this period, a professor from the university of applied sciences will be involved in the research of the so-called innovation trainee. Universities of applied sciences in the region are looking for entrepreneurs who can place an innovation trainee.  
Present your company to key players in health & life sciences!

Are you seeking investments, partnerships, and exposure to take your start-up or scale-up company to the next stage? Present your innovation and your company to key players in Health & Life Science at the 2021 edition of Global Investor Forum & Innovation for Health on 18 March and 15/16 April! All pitch presentations will be recorded on 18 March and published online, giving you an unprecedented exposure amongst 1,000 key players in the sector.
Exclusive access to Clustermarket’s lab booking system for Kadans tenants

We are excited to announce that Kadans has partnered up with Clustermarket, a global tech company, to provide extra services for you. All Kadans tenants now get free “Industry Plus” access to Clustermarket’s lab booking system to support you during these challenging times. If you are interested in this lab booking system, drop Tobias Wingbermühle an e-mail and let him know that you are a Kadans tenant. He will set up a test account for you and answer any questions. Click below to find out what you get!
Podcast: Looking for the best start-ups to accelerate energy transition

One hundred and fifty start-ups presented themselves last week at the Business Boost event of EIT InnoEnergy, which invests on behalf of the European Commission in start-ups to accelerate the energy transition. Reporter Lucette Mascini looked at all the pitches and talked about it with presenter Frans van Beveren and marketing manager Martijn Koerts of InnoEnergy. Click below to listen to the podcast.

New look for MMP

MMP was recently completely renovated and fitted with a new look-and-feel which meets the current standards and requirements. With the renovation, the open character of MMP is emphasized with an open loft, its own catering facility and terrace, making it easier for meetings to take place. Click below to see the first pictures!

Regional emergency fund for startups in the Brainport region

Partners in the Brainport Eindhoven region and the Province of Noord-Brabant have joined forces for a new emergency fund for innovative start-ups. The aim of the fund is to provide support for three months in order to achieve a structural solution to the financing question. The financial support is intended to prevent innovation in the region from dropping sharply in the coming years and problems in further development of these companies after overcoming the corona crisis.

Available Spaces
New options for start-ups in MMP

Kadans offers new flex and open plan options specifically for start-ups in the newly renovated MMP. Depending on your needs and wishes there are different types of business space. We have all kinds of options to meet your needs. In the end we will arrange everything you need to be able to function properly and carefree. Enjoy all the flexibility! Find out more by contacting Pim van Os: +31 (0)6 46 358 215 or p.os@kadans.com

Would you like to lease extra space in a 1.5-meter society? Please contact us!

The 1.5 meter society literally demands more space for your employees and colleagues. Do you need extra lab space or office space in the coming months, to be able to guarantee the 1.5 meter distance for your employees or colleagues? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Pim van Os: p.os@kadans.com or +31 (0)6 46 358 215

Got news? Let us know! marketing@kadans.com
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